Al Wooster | Founder | Wooster Corthell Wealth Management

Al Wooster

Our Founder – Retired

After graduating from St. Lawrence University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology and Music, Al held a variety of IT positions at The Travelers, eventually becoming a Director of Customer Service in the Financial Services Division. While there, he passed several securities exams and completed two additional years of study, achieving the designation of Certified Financial Planner® in 1992. 

This is where his relentless journey to guide and change the lives of families was set in motion, though it wasn’t an easy start up. He overcame several roadblocks before he was able to obtain his business license, but even so, it still took many sacrifices to finally be on the road to success. Thankfully he had the support of his family along the way. 

Of course, with all journeys comes patience and understanding. Over the next three decades, Al spent his time diligently establishing his recipe for success and creating what eventually would become Wooster Corthell Wealth Management, Inc. (Wooster Corthell).

After thirty years of successfully managing Wooster Corthell, Al sold majority ownership to his three partners and retired in October 2022.

The firm’s underlying principles of providing excellent customer service, financial understanding and proactive communication were established by Al at the start, and they remain a guiding force for Wooster Corthell today.

Al’s Recipe for Success

Serves: All


  1. Robust Business Model
  2. Fruitful Vision
  3. Generous Amounts of Client Service
  4. Several Cups Premium Employees
  5. A Dash of Humor and Creativity
  6. Cup of 100 Proof Grade A-Training


  • Cool Office to 68° F
  • On any given day, mix some or all of the ingredients together. Be positive, patient, and resilient.
  • Lead with your heart and your business will rise.
  • Bake for a Lifetime of Fulfillment!